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AMITTAI BLAKK - "Play The Game"
(Produced by AMITTAI BLAKK)


Intro/ What you gonna do now, yeah...yeah
What you gonna do now, listen

Verse 1/ Making money shaking her thang
Hotel visits it's a dirty game
Lived a double life in school during the day
I hope that it all, all pays

Groove/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Verse 2/ No black-book romancing
Random strangers get the business
Not by choice, no just surviving
A mother and a fatherless child

Groove/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Verse 3/ The struggle was hard but she made it
Cap and gown now, degrees and majors
Already hired the story ends well
A lot of hell before heaven

Groove/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bridge/ Sometimes you'll have to play the game
Survival, survival of the fittest

Sometimes you'll have to play the game
If you wanna, if you wanna be a winner

Ooh, well

You may have to play the game
Repeat 3X

Groove/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Vamp/ (Adlibs) I this ain't part of the song but I'm gone sang it anyway
You know what that is?

I looked at my hands and my hands looked new
I looked at my feet and my feet did too
I looked at my heart and I saw it was wrong
I had to forgive and move on..... [squal]

Dance... I started to... Dance


released November 24, 2015
Written, composed, arranged, produced, and performed by AMITTAI BLAKK



all rights reserved


AMITTAI BLAKK Charlotte, North Carolina

Amittai Blakk has just created a soulful brand new project that at times sounds like a far more R&B Lenny Kravitz, mixed with the utter smoothness of Al Green and a much rawer CeeLo Green. It's a direction with deep roots, but also outstretched branches.

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